Compaq to Support Navision

Navision Software US and Compaq Computer Corporation signed an agreement that will let Navision launch an application service provider (ASP) program to deliver its applications to middle-market companies. Navision will offer customers a lease or financing program for hardware, software, and services needed to implement a solution that Navision will host. Through this partnership, Navision Solution Centers (NSCs) can provide customers a total technology business solution, including software applications, and professional services, with Compaq providing infrastructure management services and financing for Navision to serve its ASP customers. Navision is currently conducting pilot tests and plans to launch the program within 30 days. "Fueling \[the ASP market\] growth will be midsize companies looking to outsource the administration of financial and business management systems," says Randy Keith, president of Navision Software US and Navision Software Canada. "This partnership will offer our customers a different and possibly more efficient vehicle for utilizing our applications by leveraging the technology, resources, and expertise of two leaders in this business."

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