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CAST Workbench and SQL Server 7.0

In late March, CAST released a new version of CAST Workbench, 3.72, to interface with SQL Server 7.0. In 3.72, CAST renamed three components. DB-Builder is now AppViewer, DB-Analyzer is Impact Analyzer, and Object Designer is Object Viewer. According to a CAST engineer, the new version will use ODBC and not DB-Library to connect to SQL Server. Also, it will contain an API for source-code control systems, and CAST will provide an interface with Visual SourceSafe. The new version will recognize and analyze multiple triggers of the same type on a table. Although the debugger will step into recursive triggers, it will not step into multiple triggers. (This design makes sense because you can't predict which trigger will fire first.) Finally, CAST Workbench 3.72 will have an enhanced capability for analyzing Visual Basic (VB) projects and including VB objects in the database diagrams.

TAGS: SQL Server
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