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Can I use a Worm/MO/CD-Rom jukebox with SQL Server?

A. Yes and no.

1. SQL can only access "disks" - so first the jukebox must be made to look just like a disk or set of disks, complete with drive letters etc. There are a variety of products available to do this from Ascend, Kofax, OTG and Ixos to name a few. (I've mainly used Disk Extender from

2. SQL needs immediate access to the data and jukeboxes/software typically don't offer this - they normally cache files to a real disk first. This all takes time - seconds to minutes or more for large files. Having SQL's i/o engine backed up waiting for i/o from a very slow device (compared to disks) is a very bad idea.

I would recommend that instead of WORM/jukeboxes etc. you just buy another large raid unit with the largest disks you can find and create databases on this raid unit and then mark them as read-only with SQL Server.

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