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Microsoft Build 2014 attendees Image Credit: Microsoft
<p>Microsoft Build 2014 attendees</p>

Build 2014: Develop Across Platforms with Universal Windows Apps

During today's keynote at Build 2014, Microsoft's developer-oriented conference, the company unveiled universal Windows apps, which makes it easier for developers to target a wide spectrum of Windows devices. Traditionally, this has been no small feat within the Windows ecosystem, and Microsoft is hoping to change that. With universal Windows apps, developers will be able to write a single app using common code that works across smartphones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox One.

This announcement falls closely in line with Satya Nadella's announcement last week, where he explained how Microsoft is focusing on a cloud- and mobile-first strategy. In particular, Microsoft is achieving this through by focusing on delivering an immersive and seamless experience to consumers across a several different devices; delivering innovations that support developers' investments; and providing solutions that make cross-platform development much easier.

Microsoft made great strides to reassure developers that the Windows ecosystem is the right developer platform of choice. In particular, the company was very transparent and open by addressing important questions that have been coming from Windows developers since the introduction of the Windows 8. In particular, Microsoft assured developers that it would continue to provide support new tooling and features regularly to Visual Studio 2013, so developers can continue to leverage their existing skill sets.

See Microsoft's blog post on universal Windows apps for more information. Continue to follow SQL Server Pro for more updates emerging from Build 2014.

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