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Bluestone Allies with XML Solution Providers

To extend functionality and create more robust Extensible Markup Language (XML) solutions for its customers, Bluestone Software signed complementary product agreements with Cloudspace, Extensibility, Fiorano Software, PointBase, and Vervet Logic to bundle and integrate their XML technologies with Bluestone Visual-XML. “We are committed to bundling and integrating technology with XML leaders who can provide the complementary, best-of-breed tools and technologies we need to give our customers the most complete, robust XML suite possible,” says John Capobianco, Bluestone’s senior vice president of marketing. Fiorano/EMS brings Pure Java message-queuing and publish-subscribe communications listener and dispatcher, while Cloudscape adds its 100 percent Pure Java SQL database management system (DBMS) and Cloudsync application synchronization facility. PointBase extends Bluestone’s XML functionality with its 100 percent Pure Java SQL DBMS. In addition, Bluestone Visual-XML users will be able to access advanced XML authoring tools with Extensibility’s XML Authority version 1.0 XML schema design and conversion tool and Vervet Logic’s XML Pro 2.0 XML editor. Bluestone will bundle all five companion products with Bluestone Visual-XML, which will support plug-and-play integration of the products.

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