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Being a SQL Server Pro Is Hard Work!

Every now and then, the editors atSQL Server Magazine are reminded of the broad reach of our content. For example, we love to hear about how a print issue has benefited more than just the original subscriber, as SQL Server Magazine author Tyler Chessman's cat Bonnie has illustrated in the photo below.

SQL Server Pro Cat_0

As I was trying to come up with a fun caption for this photo, I asked some of my fellow editors for suggestions, and they provided the following awesome captions:

"Sometimes after all the 'Revving Up' you need some FOB time."

SQL Server Magazine has saved all 9 of my lives, so now I have time for a little scheduled downtime."

"All the cool cats love SQL Mag."

"After a long day, there's nothing more relaxing than curling up with a stack of your favorite magazines."

"I don't always read magazines, but when I do, I prefer
SQL Server Magazine. Stay SQL, my friends."

"The world's most finicky cat chooses SQL Server Magazine."

What do you think this photo's caption should be? Post your photo caption suggestions in the Comments section for a chance to win a prize!

We would love to hear how your SQL Server Magazine issues have benefited others, whether it be your coworkers or your animals! Send your stories or photos to [email protected].

A special thanks to Tyler Chessman for sending me this great photograph!
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