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Avoiding Pop-Up Window Error Messages

In Jeffrey Yao's Reader to Reader tip "Refresh Database Objects," June 2002, InstantDoc ID 24600, the author describes the kinds of problems that can occur when objects in your database change over time. Yao suggests that a good way to solve these problems is to recompile the objects in the database that are associated with the problems.

Yao then presents the VBScript code that he uses to recompile objects. He includes three examples of syntax for refreshing objects, then warns readers that if you omit the cscript command in the syntax, error messages will appear in a pop-up window that you must close before the script can continue.

However, if you open a command window and run the command

cscript //H:CScript

cscript becomes the default script host. Then you can omit the cscript command from the syntax and avoid the pop-up window.

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