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Activegeo replication in SQL Database Image Credit: Microsoft

Active-Geo Replication Support in Azure SQL Database

Q: What's the active-geo replication support in Azure SQL Database?

A: Microsoft's Active-Geo Replication support for SQL Database lets users create up to four readable, secondary databases in any Azure region. If you've got active-geo replication enabled, then all transactions are committed to the database in your primary region, where they are continuously replicated to databases in other regions.

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In other words, this support feature is great for users who want more disaster recovery control at the database level. The cross-region redundancy makes it possible to recover in the event of a disaster.

The caveat to this feature is that it is currently only supported for Premium Tier databases. If you're trying to run mission-critical solutions, then it might be worthwhile to invest in the Premium Tier databases. And if you're finding that you don't need this feature and you're already on the Premium Tier, then you can always scale back to Standard or Basic Tiers.

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