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Actifio 6.1 Delivers Advanced Integration with SQL Server and Hyper-V Environments

Actifio 6.1 Delivers Advanced Integration with SQL Server and Hyper-V Environments

Automated workflow for DBAs

Actifio, a copy data virtualization company, has released new platform features for enterprise users of SQL Server and Hyper-V environments. These enhancements, delivered in Actifio’s new 6.1 platform release, provide a single solution for application development, testing, data management and protection for Microsoft SQL, SharePoint, Exchange and Hyper-V, with promises of accelerating application development and recovery times on premise or in the cloud.

Actifio replaces siloed data management products with a simple, application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets you capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it how, when, and where you need to.

Highlights of the Actifio 6.1 include:

Agile application development – SQL Certified with Actifio workflows and LogSmart

Virtualized application support – Advanced Hyper-V integration

Application protection - Application consistency and change tracking

Scalable Microsoft management – Microsoft Cluster support & New Actifio Global Manager (Beta)

Cloud extensibility – Integration with Actifio-powered clouds for SLA-based business continuity

In addition, Actifio Solutions for SQL Server provide automated workflow for database administrators (DBAs), orchestrating image refreshes and instantly providing access to read/write virtual copies. This allows numerous virtual copies to be presented on multiple systems—on demand and on schedule – without additional operational complexity or storage costs. RESTful APIs provides integration with a wide-variety of ISVs and Service Providers, for example, provisioning applications, masking software to protect sensitive data and many others.

Through data virtualization, Actifio allows Microsoft customers to eliminate multiple data silos and point tools while improving SLAs, time-to-data-use, and reducing costs and risk. Actifio Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server capture data at block level, in native format, according to the businesses service-level agreement (SLA). Actifio enables management of a physical copy anywhere, moved and stored once.

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