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SQL Server Savvy - 01 Aug 1999

Does Microsoft offer an Access 97 upsizing wizard that will work with SQL Server 7.0?

Yes, and you can download it from AccessDev/ProdInfo/AUT97dat.htm. But if you’re using Access 2000, you might not need to download the wizard because Access 2000 ships with its own upsizing wizard. However, the Access 2000/Office 2000 wizard is not installed by default and it requires that you upgrade to Access 2000 before you migrate to SQL Server. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to purchase the Microsoft Office 2000 Developer's Kit (MOD). It includes a full copy of Microsoft Office 2000 Enterprise Edition plus utilities for developers. MOD lets you create COM add-ins and add professional disk-, CD-, or Web-based setup routines. MOD ships with tons of sample code (including a new Code Librarian) and templates and includes a 900+-page manual, Visual Basic for Applications. You can use MOD to create dockable, modeless forms and you can digitally sign your macros to certify them as virus-free. MOD, like its predecessors, continues to include the Access runtime.

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