SQL Server Data Field Types

SQL Server data field types are similar to those for Jet databases, but with some distinct differences. For example, Jet's long integer data type corresponds to the int data type for SQL Server, and the integer data type for Jet matches the smallint type in SQL Server. The text and ntext data types in SQL Server align with the memo data types from Jet. Jet has a hyperlink data type that has no counterpart in SQL Server, and the timestamp column in SQL Server isn't available with Jet databases. These and other differences point to the need for Access developers to become familiar with SQL Server data types. For more information on SQL Server data types, see SQL Server Books Online (BOL) in the Microsoft SQL Server Programmer's Kit. The same documentation in BOL is available in the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) library CD-ROMs that ship with Microsoft Office 2000 Developer Edition (MOD).

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