New Version of dbForge Fusion for Visual Studio

New Version of dbForge Fusion for Visual Studio

Devart has recently announced a new product release: an updated version of the Fusion plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server, with added and updated features for better functionality and support.

This new release of the dbForge Fusion is designed to integrate into Visual Studio and will provide developers with an easier way to manipulate data, design complex SQL queries, and explore and maintain existing databases.

With the updated version, developers will now have access to a handful of new or updated features, including:

  • Support for the SQL Server 2014
  • New features that backup and restore your databases
  • The ability to attach or detach any database
  • Access to a new Database Visual Editor
  • The ability to view object dependencies

As well as a handful of other updated features listed on the Devart website.

To view the details of the release, as well as the plugin itself, or to find out how to download the free trial before you purchase, visit the Devart dbForge Fusion page.

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