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SQL Server 2012 CTP Resources

The Community Technology Preview (CTP) of SQL Server 2012 (formerly code-named “Denali”), has been available for download for only three weeks and there’s already quite a bit of in-depth information out there regarding specific features. SQL Server Magazine authors Michael Otey, Itzik Ben-Gan, Derek Comingore, and Michael K. Campbell have covered some of the new features on our website, but there are other great resources out there from Brent Ozar, Aaron Bertrand, MSDN, and others. Below are some of the excellent Denali-related blog posts and articles that I’ve come across since the CTP was released.

Denali Overviews:
What's New (SQL Server "Denali") (MSDN)

Ted Kummert Comments on SQL Server Product Announcements (Megan Keller)

Business Intelligence Features:
Business Intelligence in SQL Server Denali & Beyond (Derek Comingore)

SQL Server Denali Resource Center (The SSIS Team Blog)

Development and T-SQL Features:
SQL Sever 2012 T-SQL at a Glance – OFFSET/FETCH (Itzik Ben-Gan)

SQL Server 2012 T-SQL at a Glance – Sequences (Itzik Ben-Gan)

SQL Server v. Next (Denali) : Exploring THROW (Aaron Bertrand)

A Look Ahead at "Denali"--The Upcoming Release of SQL Server (Michael K. Campbell)

My favorite feature in Denali. Well one of... (Bob Beauchemin)

Database Admin Features:
SQL Server Denali: HADRON ROCKS (Brent Ozar)

One of my favorite SQL Server code-name Denali features (Michael Otey)

SQL Server v.Next (Denali) : The New SSMS (Aaron Bertrand)

Is there an awesome Denali blog post, article, or other resource that I’ve missed? If so, let me know about it! Email me at [email protected].

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