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SQL PASS Summit 2012: Day 1

In this morning's SQL PASS Summit keynote in Seattle, Microsoft’s Ted Kummert, Corporate Vice President, Data Platform group, announced several new developments that are in the works for SQL Server. Here are some of the high points:

  • Hekaton: New In-memory database – The next major version of SQL Server will include a new in-memory database capability. Just as OLAP Server was included with SQL Server 7, Hekaton will be included as a part of the next SQL Server release. Hekaton stands for a “factor of ten” and Microsoft stated that the Hekaton technology will produce 10-30% performance gains with no changes to your application code.
  • SQL Server 2012 PDW and Polybase – Microsoft also announced that the next version of the Parallel Data Warehouse: SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse 2012. The new version of SQL Server 2012 PDW will contain a technology call Polybase which will enable users to seamlessly work with both relational SQL Server data and unstructured data from Microsoft’s HDInsight implementation (Hadoop on Windows Server and/or Windows Azure).
  • SQL Server 2012 SP1 – In addition, Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 is now available. With SP1, PowerPivot and Power View technologies will be natively supported by Excel 2013.
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