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Sometimes, hubris comes back to bite you

So a number of readers spied something in my Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard screenshots that I was trying to subtly get out there: Apple is so lame and so childish that the icons it uses in Leopard for networked Windows PCs are CRT displays with a Windows blue screen of death. (See this image for details.) Normally, I'd see this for what it is--typical juvenile stupidity from Cupertino--but now that Leopard is shipping in the real world, a bit of irony is afoot.

You see, Leopard has its own blue screen of death. And it's happening to an alarming number of people who buy the new OS and install it on their Macs. Apple has been forced to acknowledge the problem and even use the term "blue screen" to describe it. And they've posted a fix, well, really more of a workaround, that involves an insane series of UNIX terminal commands.

Have fun with those blue screens, Apple. My advice: Describe this as feature number 301. Heck, you might be able to wrangle 3 or 4 new features out of it. :)

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