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Some Storage Vendors Just Don't Have a Clue About Databases - Redux

So, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post here on sqlmag.com called "Some Storage Vendors Just Don't Have a Clue About Databases" where I may have mentioned that there was an EMC whitepaper written by the Data Domain team that talked about SQL Server databases, and the whitepaper was just awful.

Well, apparently the folks at EMC noticed the blog post, and took action. Normally one would expect a huge company to not take kindly to someone telling them they don't know something.  However, EMC wasn't like this at all.

A friend of mine named Mark Twomey (@Storagezilla | blog) at EMC passed my blog post and the white paper over to Chuck Defresne who is the manager for Data Domain and Backup and Recovery at EMC. Chuck was able to get the white paper in front of James Baldwin who is the manager for Microsoft Solutions at EMC, who was able to review and more importantly fix the whitepaper and get it republished with the correct information.

So without further delay, I am pleased to present to you EMC's whitepaper on SQL Server Data and Data Domain titled "Backup and Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server Using EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems" with the useless recommendations removed.

If you are in a Data Domain shop, this whitepaper is going to be worth a read.


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