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Software Testing Tool: JetBrains Releases TeamCity 7.0

JetBrains, a provider of software development tools, has released TeamCity 7.0, the latest version of the TeamCity continuous integration (CI) server for .NET (Visual Studio), Java, and Ruby software development projects. The TeamCity 7.0 release focuses on a range of aspects that give users more control over their CI and build management environments.

Following are highlights of the TeamCity 7.0 improvements and new features:

  • ability to organize build agents in pools to assign to projects
  • an incremental builds option (for Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA projects) that lets you rebuild and rerun only those modules affected by changes in a build
  • extended build chains support and visualization, providing an overview of completed and running build chains, with all the effective builds and their statuses
  • build failure conditions
  • for custom builds, a custom UI for specific build parameters
  • interactive branch graphs on change log page (for Git and Mercurial)
  • extensive NuGet integration, including the ability for TeamCity to act as a NuGet feed server
  • ReSharper Code Analysis for code inspection

JetBrains TeamCity 7.0 build agent pools
JetBrains TeamCity 7.0 build agent pools

You can learn more about TeamCity 7.0 on the TeamCity website or TeamCity blog.

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