Xceed Software Introduces Xceed Zip for .NET - 30 Oct 2009

Xceed Software Introduces Xceed Zip for .NET

  Xceed Software announced Xceed Zip for .NET 1.0, a powerful data compression and all-purpose file manipulation component for Visual Studio .NET written entirely in C# and created specifically for the .NET Framework. Xceed Zip for .NET integrates itself with the .NET Framework class library. Building on the .NET Framework's rich class library, Xceed Zip for .NET offers not only a variety of intuitive classes for manipulating zip files and compressed streams, but it also offers improved file and folder manipulation classes.


Xceed Software, Inc.

Price: US$299.95 to US$1,499.95

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site: mailto:www.xceedsoft.com

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