Wise Solutions Announces Technology Partnership with Seagate Software

Wise Solutions Inc. and Seagate Software, the maker of Crystal Reports, are joining in a technology partnership to enable developers to quickly integrate and easily automate the distribution of Visual Basic Applications that use Crystal Reports Developer Edition 8. The partnership will provide VB developers with quick distribution that contains all the appropriate VB files and components for fast and reliable installation to end users’ desktops. InstallMaster, InstallBuilder, and InstallMaker 8.1, all Wise Solutions products, are the only installation tools with a built-in feature that can scan Crystal Reports files for dependency information and use that information to pre-populate reliable distributions for Visual Basic applications using Crystal Reports 8. “With almost five million licenses shipped, Crystal Reports is clearly the leader among Windows report writers," said Brian Witkowski, president of Wise Solutions. “By working together, Wise Solutions and Seagate Software will ensure that the distribution of Visual Basic applications that use Crystal Reports 8 are completely integrated, automated, and simplified.” Additional information and demos are available at www.wisesolutions.com.

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