WebPrecompiler v1.0 Free for Web Developers

WebPrecompiler v1.0 Free for Web Developers

Auri Rahimzadeh announced WebPrecompiler, which comes in two versions: one that runs inside Visual Studio 2005, and a standalone application for any PC running Windows 98SE or higher.

 When you release an ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, or other dynamic CGI site, the first time loading a page takes a moment while the server executes and caches the page or application. This can cause the perception of slow performance. In addition, there s a tangible benefit to hitting HTML files in IIS and many other Web servers: the HTML files are loaded into memory and served from there instead of the hard drive or other storage medium. It s much faster to retrieve data from RAM than the hard drive, so it pays to have every application and every HTML file cached when you deploy a site. The problem is, there are many files on a standard Web site, and it s laborious to hit them all.

 Give WebPrecompiler the path to your Web site, provide the URL, then note what files to hit (ASPX, ASP, JSP, and HTML), and it will scan the folder for all the files and hit every page on that site, triggering your Web server to compile and/or cache all the files users hit on your site. WebPrecompiler also lets you save sites you commonly need to deploy, so you don t have to enter their data all the time.


Auri Rahimzadeh

Price: Free

Web Site: http://www.hackingpsp.com/webprecompiler.aspx


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