We’ve Got You Covered



We ve Got You Covered


By David Riggs


Where does the time go? As I peruse the last 11 issues I can t believe we re wrapping up another year already. Looking at some of the covers, it seems like just yesterday that we published this issue or that issue. My wife s Scrabble board on the January cover. Jonathan Goodyear and Brian Peek s Finalizer robot on the June cover. The July collage cover that included a picture of me playing the bagpipes in college. Indeed, the covers provide a visual clue for me to mark time and content.


For instance, take the February issue (the cover featured the Windows Forms icon, which reminds me of the Partridge Family bus). That was the issue in which we introduced our readers to Michele Leroux Bustamante. Not that she needs any introduction, but it was the issue wherein she started her ASP.NET Under the Hood column. As Michele noted, Now that you ve had a chance to play with ASP.NET and fall in love with it the real work begins. She set out to help us build real applications. As she explained at the time, You sometimes have to dig under the covers and override the default behaviors of the ASP.NET runtime environment. Dig she did, and we look forward to more in-depth excavations into the inner workings of ASP.NET in the coming months.


Then there was the April issue, wherein we introduced Bipin Joshi s new column, CodeTalk. Throughout the course of this column, Bipin has illustrated the real-world use of ASP.NET features by dissecting small-scale applications. His articles combine design, concept, and code-level implementation. So far he s helped us build a blog (as illustrated on the April cover), build a photo gallery, and develop a survey application.


In the December 2005 issue (the one with the strong guy holding the world on his shoulders and no, I didn t pose for that one), I put out the call for new writers. As I noted then, We feature a variety of qualified writers, from the hired gun to the everyday developer that s part of what adds to the community atmosphere. But one thing all our writers have in common is the ability and desire to share their passion and knowledge. And as I reiterated last month, If you re qualified to write about ASP.NET development, I ll find a way to get you published in asp.netPRO or our free monthly e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. We ve had quite a response, and have been fortunate to feature several writers who answered the challenge, including Adnan Masood, Julia Lerman, James Culshaw, Chris D Agostino, Adwait Ullal, and others.


Through it all, our goal is to teach by example by offering real-world applications and code. We strive to provide you with the helpful programming tips and techniques you ve come to expect, as well as the latest in ASP.NET development best practices. In addition to new talent, we are pleased to offer the continued contributions of such valued writers as Steve C. Orr, Dino Esposito, Mike Riley, Dan Wahlin, Ken McNamee, Wei-Meng Lee, Thiru Thangarathinam, John Paul Mueller, and Jonathan Goodyear, to name only a few.


Experienced writers, new writers, quick tips, and three-part articles. Any way you look at it, we ve got you covered. Thanks for reading.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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