VSoft Technologies Releases FinalBuilder 4

VSoft Technologies Releases FinalBuilder 4

VSoft Technologies announced FinalBuilder 4, the company s automated build and release management tool for Windows software developers and software release engineers. This new version adds over 150 new actions and now includes integration with Microsoft Team System and VMWare.

 FinalBuilder is an end-to-end build and release management system designed to automate the entire build process. Use FinalBuilder for integration with version control systems, compilation of source code, deployment, and burning a CD or DVD. As well as increasing the speed and reliability of the build process, FinalBuilder decreases repetitive and error-prone tasks.

 One of the new features in FinalBuilder 4 is the ability for the build process to be parallelized. This produces speed improvements on multiprocessor and multi-core computers. Even on single processor computers, I/O bound (either local or network) actions can be run in parallel with CPU bound actions, which leads to an overall reduction in the build time.

 FinalBuilder 4 also lets you synchronize version numbers and version information between the various modules of a software project. FinalBuilder 4 also adds support for synchronous waiting. The build process can be paused until a certain condition is met, for example waiting for a network share to become available or for the date of a file to change.

 The new File Dependency action can be used to conditionally run a set of actions depending on the file dates, attributes, or accessibility of one or more files.

   A fully functional 30-day evaluation copy is available from the FinalBuilder Web site.


VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd.

Price: Standard Edition starts at US$379 per developer; Professional Edition starts at US$499 per developer.

Web Site: http://www.finalbuilder.com


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