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VS 2005 Features/Dundas OLAP Services Enhance Dundas Chart

Dundas Software released version 5.0 of Dundas Chart for .NET. Version 5.0 takes full advantage of the new features in Visual Studio 2005, with full VS 2005 integration, inclusion of smart tags, high-level data binding, simplified debugging with series and chart visualizers, and more. Version 5.0 also offers side-by-side installations, with separate installs available for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2002/2003 designed to run on the same computer without conflict.

 Dundas OLAP Services is also included as part of the Enterprise Editions of version 5.0, which allows users to build new data queries and immediately chart the results with simple drag-and-drop operations.

 A fully featured evaluation copy is available from the Dundas Web site.


Dundas Software

Price: Professional Edition, US$699; Enterprise Edition, US$1,999.

Web Site: http://www.dundas.com


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