Visual Welder 2.0

Visual Welder 2.0

sembleWare is shipping Visual Welder 2.0 for VS .NET, a rapid application assembly tool that extends Microsoft's .NET strategy. Visual Welder 2.0 replaces the traditional software coding paradigm with a new "assembly" model - delivering on the promise of reuse, substantially reducing development time and expense, and bridging the gap between the end-user and development communities.


Visual Welder enables developers to assemble .NET applications from .NET "Parts," which can be downloaded directly into an application from an online Parts catalogue or corporate Parts repository. By "snapping" Parts together in Visual Welder's unique 3-D Spatial Editor, developers can readily assemble and modify ready-to-run .NET applications, view entities and relationships, preview screens, and modify individual Parts - all in a user-controlled 3-D environment.


The sembleWare division of Objecutive, Inc.

Price: Starts at US$495

Web Site:


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