<st1:place>Vista</st1:place> Software Announces VistaDB 3.0

Vista Software Announces VistaDB 3.0

Vista Software announced the Community Technology Preview public release of VistaDB 3.0, a fully managed and typesafe SQL database engine for the Microsoft .NET Framework, Compact Framework, and Mono environments. VistaDB 3.0 enables software developers to build fully managed WinForms and ASP.NET database applications that target desktops, mobile devices, and Web servers.

 VistaDB 3.0 was not ported from existing VistaDB 2.x code base, but rather was designed and developed from scratch to take full advantage of the features provided by Microsoft s Visual C# language and the classes in the .NET Framework.

 VistaDB 3.0 features a fully managed and typesafe single assembly developed in Visual C#; a 600KB embedded footprint; Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL-compatible SQL syntax; a managed ADO.NET provider; Unicode support; Snapshot Isolation-level transaction processing that eliminates deadlocks; 4TB of storage per database; direct Data Access objects for high-speed live cursor support; deep integration into the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, including support for Server Explorer; a managed Data Builder tool, which allows developers to visually create and manage databases; a managed Data Migration Wizard that migrates existing databases to VistaDB format; and royalty-free distribution.

 Other features expected in the final release include hosting of the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime (CLR) and StoredCode, which allows procedures developed using Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET to be stored and run from within a VistaDB database at run time, as well as views and classic stored procedures.


Vista Software

Price: US$349; existing customers can upgrade for US$249

Web Site: http://www.vistadb.net

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