VBdocman .NET 2.0 Released

VBdocman .NET 2.0 Released

Helixoft announced VBdocman .NET 2.0, a Visual Basic.NET add-in for automatic generating of technical documentation from VB.NET source files.

 Using VBdocman .NET, VB.NET programmers can generate technical documentation for Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET projects. VBdocman .NET parses source code and automatically creates a table of contents, index, topics, cross-references, and context-sensitive help. Users can create their own formats of output documentation. The predefined output formats are Help 2 (Microsoft help technology used in Visual Studio.NET), CHM, RTF, HTML, and XML.

 You can add descriptions manually, or let VBdocman .NET extract them from source code comments. You can add C# XML or JavaDoc comments in your source code. This latest version comes with a sophisticated WYSIWYG comment editor that helps you write your XML comments. It allows you to insert tables, lists, pictures, links, and other formatting directly into your source code. In this case, you generate final documentation in all available formats without typing any words.

  VBdocman .NET works with Visual Basic.NET 2002 and 2003 on all Windows platforms that support Visual Studio.NET.

 A trial version of VBdocman .NET 2.0 is available; see the Web site for details.



Price: Single-user license, US$229; volume discounts are available.

Web Site: http://www.vbdocman.com


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