telerik Releases r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET Q3 2006

telerik Releases r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET Q3 2006

telerik announced the availability of a new release of its r.a.d.controls suite for ASP.NET. The emphasis of this volume is codeless development and performance optimization. Included in the suite are r.a.d.ajax, r.a.d.calendar, r.a.d.chart, r.a.d.combobox, r.a.d.dock, r.a.d.editor, r.a.d.grid, r.a.d.input,, r.a.d.panelbar, r.a.d.rotator, r.a.d.spell, r.a.d.splitter, r.a.d.tabstrip, r.a.d.toolbar, r.a.d.treeview, r.a.d.upload, and r.a.d.window.

 All navigation controls included in r.a.d.controls Q3 2006 feature the new semantic rendering introduced in Q2 2006. With the use of DIVs and CSS instead of tables, the HTML markup is reduced by up to 70%, which transfers into enhanced performance.

 New in the r.a.d.grid control is that many of the most needed actions can be achieved in a codeless manner, including: codeless data-binding, codeless datasource operations, codeless paging/sorting/selecting, codeless grouping and hierarchy, and codeless interface styling.

 Another component that shares the same paradigm is r.a.d.ajax. It represents a universal, cross-browser solution for AJAX-enabling of new or existing applications. The patent-pending Click-and-Go technology eliminates the need for making any modifications to existing applications, such as placing Callback Panels, setting triggers , etc. And, you don t have to write any JavaScript or server-side code.

 New in this release is r.a.d.splitter,  a content manager for creating versatile UI layouts with resizable and collapsible panels.

 The Q3 update is free for all customers with an active subscription and includes versions for .NET 1.x and for .NET 2.0. All controls included in r.a.d.controls Q3 2006 are also available individually.



Price: Single developer license, US$799; single developer subscription license, US$999

Web Site:


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