SqlSmash: Write and Understand Maintainable Code Faster

SqlSmash: Write and Understand Maintainable Code Faster

New from Smashing Jedis LLC

Smashing Jedis LLC is a company that is privately held and makes tools that developers can use to streamline their performance at work and in coding.

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Recently, the company released SqlSmash, a plugin created specifically to boost productivity for SQL developers. The plugin is designed for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and it will enable faster nagivation and coding. The new release provides a handful of capabilities for developers, including:

  • Navigation to specific objects through the task bar, which will then provide the option to summarize or define the highlighted object in the script.
  • Formatting the SQL script to prioritize specific commands and sections
  • Execution of specific queries based on the location of the cursor
  • Searching for specific text pieces or object references in all or specified databases
  • Metadata on an object when you hover over it with the cursor.

SqlSmash is compatible with SQL Server 2005-2014 and Azures SQL. Watch the demo video on the SqlSmash website to see in detail how the plugin works.

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