SQL Server Seven: SQL Server Web Resources

You can find an incredible store of information about SQL Server on the Web. This month, I'll share seven great SQL Server Web sites that help me get technical information and solve problems.

7. http://www.ntfaq.com/sql.html

This link on SavillTech's www.ntfaq.com Web site contains a large group of SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 questions and answers. You can download the SQL Server information as part of the entire FAQ collection to your local system.

6. http://www.mssqlserver.com

Michael R. Hotek's www.mssqlserver.com site contains varied SQL Server-related information. It provides an online Transact SQL (T-SQL) course, technical articles, and a collection of SQL Server book and product reviews. In addition, you can download free T-SQL administrative scripts.

5. http://www.swynk.com

The www.swynk.com site provides technical information about SQL Server, Systems Management Server (SMS), and Exchange Server. This site offers a collection of SQL Server questions and answers, and SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 T-SQL administrative scripts. The site also includes a weekly newsletter, job listings, and Web-based discussion boards.

4. http://www.sqlpass.org

The www.sqlpass.org Web site, home to the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), provides information about upcoming PASS events and 10 Web-based SQL Server discussion groups that cover topics such as data warehousing, T-SQL, and Extensible Markup Language (XML). The discussion groups are open to all participants.

3. http://support.microsoft.com/support/SQL

The Microsoft Personal Support Page for SQL Server provides a useful portal to Microsoft's online SQL Server support resources. This link on the Microsoft Web site provides a collection of weekly tips, SQL Server FAQs, Webcasts, free downloads, and links to other SQL Server-related sites.

2. http://www.microsoft.com/ SQL/index.htm

This link takes you to the Microsoft index of SQL Server resources available on Microsoft's Web site. As you might expect, this site contains a tremendous amount of great information. For example, the www.microsoft.com/SQL/index.htm#W link on this page lists 43 Microsoft SQL Server white papers. You'll also find case studies, licensing information, learning resources, and a SQL Server feature guide.

1. http://www.sqlmag.com

I'm biased, but the www.sqlmag.com Web site contains a wealth of high-quality SQL Server information, much of which you can't find elsewhere. SQL Server Magazine subscribers can access all of the code and articles in SQL Server Magazine. All articles and code listings in issues more than four months old are open to the public. In addition, the online discussion forums are open to all comers and can be a great place to get answers to your technical questions.

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