Spices.Net 5.0 PreRelease Announced

Spices.Net 5.0 PreRelease Announced

9Rays.Net announced Spices.Net 5.0 PreRelease. This suite of components provides a combination of obfuscation, decompilation to six languages, documentation management services, modeling, and analytical features. Use Spices.Net to protect, research, and reverse-engineer .NET assemblies.

 Version 5.0 introduces such enhancements as task-oriented functionality, which allows you to set priority, suspend/resume, and monitor progress in the Task Manager for each task. You can also obfuscate and decompile simultaneously.

 Spices.Solution (.ilosln) allows you to work with collections of Spices.Projects, and includes browsing, obfuscating, decompiling, and modeling. Additionally, you can handle unmanaged assemblies, and there s a more convenient and informative browser, as well as a new Informer Bar. There s also the ability to customize the look and feel of Spices.Net using one of the visual modes, such as Office XP, Office 2003, and VS2005.

 Also enhanced is Spices.Decompiler, which includes Visual Decompiler, a tool for creating code flow diagrams, and Spices.Obfuscator, which enables checking the consistency of project assemblies before obfuscation. Other new features include embedded localization, the possibility of simultaneous obfuscation of different Spices.Projects, on-the-fly localization, and automatic obfuscation.

 Spices.Net 5.0 runs under Windows platforms starting with Windows 98. A Spices.Net Suite license (Obfuscator and Decompiler) costs US$692.95. A Team Pack license of Spices.Net Suite (4-5 machines) costs US$2,200. Visit the company s Web site for other types of licenses. Licensed customers are entitled to free upgrades and lifetime technical support.


9Rays.Net, Inc.

Price: Starts at less than US$700

Web Site: http://www.9rays.net


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