SPI Dynamics Announces <st1:City><st1:place>Phoenix</st1:place></st1:City> Architecture and WebInspect 7

SPI Dynamics Announces Phoenix Architecture and WebInspect 7

SPI Dynamics released its Phoenix architecture, a technology designed to analyze complex Web 2.0 applications to reveal previously undetectable vulnerabilities, and WebInspect 7, the company s first product to use the Phoenix architecture.

 The Phoenix architecture will provide the foundation for SPI Dynamics entire product line, enabling faster, more accurate scans and facilitating analysis of the new dynamic technologies typically associated with Web 2.0, such as AJAX, SOAP, SOA, and Flash. WebInspect 7 is designed to deliver faster scanning capabilities, broader assessment coverage, and accurate results.

 Today s Web applications are complex and dynamic; combining client-side and server-side processing with Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX, SOAP, SOA, and Flash. Traditional application scanners fail to discover security vulnerabilities exposed by use of these new technologies, resulting in high false-negatives rates. The Phoenix architecture provides an automated Web application security tool that can discover vulnerabilities in today s Web applications. The new Phoenix architecture and WebInspect 7 are designed to provide:

  • Faster scans, more accurate results. The new patent-pending simultaneous crawl and audit (SCA) technology combines the application crawl and audit into a single fluid process. By conducting these activities in parallel instead of sequentially, scan times are reduced.
  • Immediate results. This new auditing approach provides results to the tester within seconds of starting an assessment and continues to report in real time throughout the scan.
  • Broader coverage, reduced false-negatives. WebInspect 7 includes intelligent scanning engines capable of analyzing complex Web 2.0 technologies to provide broader testing coverage than possible with earlier legacy scanning architectures. WebInspect 7 exposes application logic that was previously hidden, revealing security vulnerabilities undetectable through automated security testing.
  • Simultaneous scans. Users can now launch and manage multiple concurrent scans, greatly increasing testing throughput with WebInspect 7.
  • Advanced authentication management. New automated mechanisms eliminate the complexities of authentication, even with applications using advanced technologies such as two-factor authentication or CAPTCHA. WebInspect 7 can authenticate with secure Web applications and detect when re-authentication is required. This is essential to ensure complete coverage.
  • Support for IPv6. WebInspect 7 is ready for the future Internet with full support for IPv6.


Visit the SPI Dynamics Web site for complete details.


SPI Dynamics, Inc.

Price: Contact SPI Dynamics.

Web Site: http://www.spidynamics.com


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