Source Code Control Software - 14 Sep 2004

More than one-third of our readers specified that XpressApps' mssqlXpress was the Best Source Code Control Software. Our readers weren't the only people who were impressed by mssqlXpress and its maker. Since the Readers' Choice survey was conducted, Imceda Software acquired XpressApps and its products. "XpressApps has built its reputation on delivering state-of-the-art technologies to assist in the development of rock-solid SQL Server databases," Imceda CEO Walter Scott said. "This strategic acquisition will bring us a long way toward our goal of being the standard to which all others will be measured in the exciting database administration and deployment market."

Although Imceda has changed mssqlXpress's name to Speed SQL IDE, the product still offers the functionality that made it famous. The product's programming and editing features let developers quickly create, check, store, and share code. And Speed SQL IDE integrates with Visual SourceSafe (VSS) and other source code control­compliant systems so that developers can check out and check in objects from within the IDE, eliminating the need for manual check-out and check-in processes.

WINNER! — SPEED SQL IDE formerly XpressApps' mssqlXpress
Imceda Software
781-229-6300 or 888-763-7685
2nd Place — DevPartner Studio 7.1 Enterprise Edition
3rd Place — MKS Source Integrity Enterprise Edition
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