SlickUpload 4 Available

SlickUpload 4 Available

Krystalware announced the release of SlickUpload 4, a revolutionary upload management control for ASP.NET. New features include location-based config, enhanced error handling, a built-in upload handler page, and IIS 7 support.

 SlickUpload is an ASP.NET upload component that provides tight, scalable ASP.NET upload handling with a rich progress bar and status information display. It supports streaming directly to a file or SQL database, eliminating the typical intermediate file step for greater performance. SlickUpload s progress display provides progress information to users in real time (using AJAX techniques).

 More information on SlickUpload can be obtained by visiting


Krystalware, Inc.

Price: Pricing for SlickUpload begins at US$149/per server. Other licensing options are available, including redistributable at US$599, and full source code at US$999, when bought with an Enterprise License of SlickUpload (US$899).

Web Site:


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