Skyhook Wireless Launches Developer’s Network to Help Innovators Build and Deploy Location-based Services

Skyhook Wireless Launches Developer s Network to Help Innovators Build and Deploy Location-based Services

Skyhook Wireless announced the launch of the Skyhook Developer s Network. Providing location-based service and application developers with free access to the Skyhook Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), APIs, documentation, and a support infrastructure, the Developer s Network will allow innovative solution providers to build accurate and reliable location-based products running on commonly available platforms and without the need of additional hardware, such as a GPS.

 The cornerstone for the Skyhook Developer s Network is the Developer s Dashboard, a Web-based support infrastructure that will give LBS developer s access to the Skyhook software-only positioning APIs and software code, documentation, release notes, community forums, and technical support. Skyhook s unique capabilities as a software-only positioning technology make the Developer s Dashboard the ideal forum for delivering and supporting WPS-based development efforts.

 Leveraging common components, such as .dll and .cab files, as well as standard Web services protocols, such as SOAP and .NET, Skyhook s WPS capabilities can generally be implemented in a single day. Developer s also have the option of incorporating a complete location profile latitude, longitude, full street address or subcomponents, to include latitude and longitude published in a standard NMEA format identical to that generated by a GPS device.


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