Scalable Session-state Storage for ASP.NET Server Farms

Scalable Session-state Storage for ASP.NET Server Farms

ScaleOut Software released ScaleOut StateServer Server Edition. Initially targeted to support e-commerce Web sites built on Microsoft s ASP.NET platform, StateServer Server Edition lets IT managers and Web architects store their mission-critical session data (such as shopping carts) directly on the Web farm within the software s distributed, memory-based store. This offloads the site s database server and ensures uninterrupted access to e-commerce session data.

 StateServer gives your server farm applications scalable, in-memory storage for ASP.NET session-state and other workload data. StoreSafe technology allows farm-wide access to all stored data and intelligently replicates data among the servers.

 StateServer balances the amount of storage used by each server in the farm and automatically scales as new servers are added. This allows overall performance to grow as demand on the Web site s server farm increases. After detecting server and network outages, the software self-heals by creating additional replicas on surviving servers.

 StateServer installs as a standard Windows software service and uses your server farm s existing back-end LAN. It transparently stores Microsoft ASP.NET session objects, and APIs are provided for integrating the product into .NET applications.

 ScaleOut StateServer Server Edition supports a server farm of up to three servers. Enterprise Edition supports six servers, and DataCenter Edition supports up to 64 servers.


ScaleOut Software

Price: Starts at US$4,495

Web Site:

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