RSS Feed Creation Tool

RSS Feed Creation Tool

NotePage announced FeedForAll, a tool designed to create, edit, and publish RSS feeds. Using FeedForAll, Webmasters have the ability to create new RSS feeds from scratch, or modify and enhance existing RSS feeds.

 An acronym for Really Simple Syndication, an XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web, RSS has evolved into a popular means to syndicate headlines and share content on the Internet.

 The FeedForAll wizard walks new users through the RSS feed setup process. FeedForAll automatically repairs improperly formatted feeds, guaranteeing that all feeds used with FeedForAll conform to the RSS specification. FeedForAll can be used to create and maintain an unlimited number of RSS feeds.

 FeedForAll includes such tools as live spell checking, WYSIWYG HTML editing, and image manipulation.

 Download a free fully-functional 30-day trial from the FeedForAll Web site.


NotePage, Inc.

Price: Electronic registration, US$39.95 (volume discounts available); CD-ROM, US$49.95; site license, US$1,995; enterprise site license, US$2,495.

Web Site:


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