RichSuite Updated

RichSuite Updated

Richer Components announced the release of RichSuite v1.1. RichSuite provides four Richer Components products in a single package: RichTextBox v2.5 (editor), RichDatePicker v1.6 (time and date selector), RichSlider v1.0 (visual trackbar control), and RichHelpTip v1.0.

 New to the suite is RichHelpTip, which provides fully integrated, context-sensitive, cross-browser, locale-sensitive user assistance for Web applications. Use RichHelpTip to add help buttons and pop-up help tips to any Web page and any form element.

 Check the Richer Components Web site for a free evaluation download of RichSuite. Existing RichSuite customers can upgrade to the new RichSuite v1.1 release for free.

Richer Components

Price: Starts at US$499

Web Site:


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