RichSlider 1.0 Available

RichSlider 1.0 Available

Richer Components announced the development of RichSlider, their new visual slider for ASP.NET. Designed specifically for ASP.NET, this slider looks, feels, and functions like the sliders we re all used to in Windows for selecting values, collecting user feedback, and setting volume levels, among other things. RichSlider has an intuitive user interface that can be completely visually customized. It supports skins, both client and server access, design-time support, and more.

 RichSlider can be used in a variety of scenarios, including: ratings, percentages, data visualization, values, data collection, and color/image selection. RichSlider works especially well in finance applications, surveys and questionnaires, and data collection, especially where users are non-technical and expect very simple user interfaces.

 RichSlider is cross-browser compatible; supports skins; works horizontally and vertically; provides facilities for setting the size, colors, fonts, spacing, and styles of every part of the visual display of a RichSlider; is highly configurable; provides full support for ASP.NET validation controls; has full ASP.NET feature support; works with the mouse wheel; and more.


Richer Components

Price: Starts at US$149

Web Site:


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