ReSharper 2.0 C# Visual Studio .NET Add-in Announced

ReSharper 2.0 C# Visual Studio .NET Add-in Announced

ReSharper, an add-in to Visual Studio .NET 2003/2005, provides such features as intelligent coding assistance, on-the-fly error highlighting, and quick error correction, as well as support for code refactoring, unit testing, and more. All ReSharper features are available right from Visual Studio.

 ReSharper 2.0 is designed to decrease time spent on routine, repetitive handwork; slash the cost of producing consistent, portable, high-quality software; free up time so the developer can focus on the software logic at hand; improve code quality with automatic error-checking and code correction; make code more consistent and compilable through automatic refactoring; standardize modifications, making them immediately portable; make project costs easier to estimate accurately by cutting the need to rework; decrease time-to-completion; and increase efficiency at all levels, from individual developers to workgroup teams and entire projects.


JetBrains, Inc.

Price: US$199

Web Site:


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