Relive IT/Dev Connections 2014 with Brad Anderson's Kick-off Keynote

Relive IT/Dev Connections 2014 with Brad Anderson's Kick-off Keynote

Shhh…here's a secret.

We are extremely close to making the announcement for dates and venue for IT/Dev Connections 2015. In fact, I may be able to share a bit on Monday and a lot more later next week. We are taking your feedback and suggestions for IT/Dev Connections 2014 and are incorporating it into another major refresh for the 2015 conference.

(Here's another secret: Paul Thurrott accidentally spilled the beans on his Twitter account yesterday)

IT/Dev Connections 2014 was a wonderful event. And, that's not just me saying that, the overall approval rating from attendees was through the roof. The content was spot on and targeted. The location and community activities were fantastic. We had many first-time attendees this year, particularly those ousted Microsoft Management Summit alumni who are looking for a conference home. They just loved it and commented how very familiar IT/Dev Connections is to MMS beginnings.

IT/Dev Connections alumni told me that 2014 was probably the best year ever – and, that's saying something considering the conference is over 15 years old.

Folks, we're on the verge of something really fantastic and valuable here. We revamped the event in 2013, polished it in 2014, and we're dedicated to making 2015 even better. There's nothing better than a conference that feels like home, yet still provides highly technical, targeted, and valuable content in a setting that promotes professional relationship building, comrade, and community. I'm just so glad to be part of it.

I know there are still many Windows IT Pro readers that didn't attend this year, or maybe have never attended, but I really hope you'll consider it for 2015. You won't be disappointed.

To get your juices flowing and stoke excitement before the weekend kicks-off, I thought I'd share up the full keynote video for IT/Dev Connections 2014. We were very excited to have Brad Anderson, VP at Microsoft, as our keynote speaker this year. Brad did a wonderful job and really highlighted Microsoft's focus and futures. Have a wonderful weekend!

2014 IT/Dev Connections - Keynote Anderson.

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