Red Gate Unveils Graphical SQL Dependency Tracker

Red Gate Unveils Graphical SQL Dependency Tracker

Red Gate Software announced SQL Dependency Tracker, a fully graphical and interactive tracker for SQL Server database dependencies. SQL Dependency Tracker allows you to view, analyze, and document all the dependencies in your SQL Server databases. It does this graphically and in real time.

 Key features in SQL Dependency Tracker enable users to: view whole databases or selected objects; track cross-database and cross-server dependencies; customize a variety of dynamic, zoomable layouts; save and export diagrams as pictures or as XML reports; and view creation SQL for all objects included in the diagram.

 Visit the Red Gate Web site to download free, fully functional, 14-day trial versions of all the new SQL Server 2005 tools, including SQL Dependency Tracker.


Red Gate Software

Price: US$295

Web Site:


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