Ranorex V1.5 Available

Ranorex V1.5 Available

Ranorex, a provider of automated software testing solutions, announced the release of Ranorex V1.5, the newest version of its flagship software testing application. Leading the additions in Ranorex V1.5 is Ranorex Studio, a complete test development environment that brings all Ranorex features together, allowing users to create and maintain professional test automation projects through a single, easy-to-use interface.

 Ranorex, which debuted in late 2006, is a cost-effective and comprehensive GUI-based software automation framework that simplifies both integration and acceptance testing for developers, SQA managers, and testing professionals, regardless of their programming or scripting experience. The application is a better alternative to conventional tools because it evaluates applications from a user s perspective, thereby making it easier to quickly identify issues and/or opportunities for improvement.

   Ranorex supports standard programming techniques and common languages such as C#, C++, or Python, as well as VB.NET or any other .NET language. It also supports any integrated development environment for these languages, such as Visual Studio and Eclipse.

   Because of its familiar programming advantages, Ranorex saves companies money by lowering the cost of training for programmers and testers. Its ease-of-use, increased testing accuracy and low cost-per-seat makes it an ideal choice for software teams of virtually any size or level of sophistication, and is now used by hundreds of enterprise and commercial software companies around the world.

 Ranorex Studio also supports easier code editing, debugging, and GUI mapping. The studio offers handy features, including automatic code highlighting and code completion, and allows users to debug test scripts.

 Through the new, unified interface, users also can access Ranorex s other value-added tools. By simply clicking within Ranorex Studio, users can access Ranorex Recorder, an application that optimizes the test process by recording and replying to user interactions. Using Recorder, testers can generate the code necessary to evaluate common user actions simply by recreating the actions themselves. Actions are captured and automatically turned into self-contained executable files; they also can be saved as project files in XML or as code files in C#, C++, or Python. Recorder also lets testers edit or enhance recorded files as needed.

   Ranorex Spy, another tool within the Studio environment, is a Win32-based utility that instantly uncovers properties and other information about a selected GUI element.

 Also new in Ranorex V1.5 is a Validator class addition to the application library that helps establish checkpoints for better test reporting. The new Validator addition makes code easier to read, and potentially can eliminate hundreds of lines of code. With this new capability, users can validate information at a certain point; for example, checking expected values within a textbox or other visible text controls. All checkpoints using the Validator function report automatically in HTML to a single test result summary using either standard or user-defined messaging.

 Ranorex V1.5 featuring Ranorex Studio and Validation support is now available in Ranorex Premium Edition, with upgrade options available for all licensed Ranorex users. To download an evaluation version, or for pricing and further product information, visit http://www.ranorex.com.


Ranorex GmbH

Web Site: http://www.ranorex.com


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