RAD Tool for VB.NET and C# Developers

RAD Tool for VB.NET and C# Developers

Informatec released itecDataLayer .Net, a code generator and application builder expressly designed for business applications. This development application auto-generates a data layer object model based on your database schema. In addition, data updates, inserts, and deletes can be called with one line of code. It is best suited for developers who are migrating traditional client/server applications to n-tier architectures and those building applications for client/server, Web, and/or distributed applications.

 The toolset includes tools, templates, and samples that simplify and accelerate delivery of client/server and Web applications for VB.NET and C# developers. VB.NET and C# component standards can be brought into your company, thereby increasing productivity and maintainability.

 Download a trial version from http://www.dotnetutilities.com/download.html.


Informatec SAC

Price: US$19.95

Web Site: http://www.dotnetutilities.com


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