QCChart3D for .Net Available

QCChart3D for .Net Available

Quinn-Curtis introduced QCChart3D for .Net, a 3D charting toolkit aimed at developers who want to add interactive 3D charting graphics to their C# and Visual Basic for .NET applications. The software includes support for 25 3D plot types, including ribbon plots, bar charts, scatter plots, contour plots, and pie charts.

 Charts can be plotted using the linear, logarithmic, and date/time-based coordinate systems required by engineering, scientific, and business end-users. The date/time coordinate system supports discontinuous time/date scales as required in financial markets, where weekends can be removed from the time scale, and where a day can have a user-defined hourly range (9:30AM to 4:00PM, for example).

 Advanced user interface functions allow users to interact with applications in 3D space using the mouse: adding annotations; selecting, marking, and moving data points; and zooming into a particular chart region.

 The software is written entirely in C# and works with all platforms and browsers compatible with the Microsoft .NET Framework. Applications created using the software run on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to the current version of Windows XP. The recommended development environment is Microsoft Visual Studio for .NET configured for C# and/or Visual Basic.

 The QCChart3D software is sold as a single-user developer license. The user is entitled to free updates for two years. The developer version can be downloaded under a 30-day trial. Applications created using the QCChart3D toolkit can be redistributed royalty free; no redistributable license is required.

 Product details, a demo, a trial version, and the user manual are available at http://www.quinn-curtis.com/QCChart3DProdPage.htm.


Quinn-Curtis, Inc.

Price: US$250

Web Site: http://www.quinn-curtis.com


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