Pro.Net Session Renew Released

Pro.Net Session Renew Released

Pro.Net Components announced Pro.Net Session Renew, a custom Web control that allows users to extend their session without page-refresh or pop-up windows. Web site users often get logged out automatically if session time has expired, which can be frustrating to find out after a form is submitted.

 Pro.Net Session Renew features brandable UI (use CSS and/or Designer); verifies session data (name-value pair configurable); works with pop-up blocker enabled; is SSL compatible; can renew a Session without page refresh; is designed for ASP.NET sessions (with or without cookies); can be used with your custom session solutions; has configurable messages, warning time, styles, urls, and auto redirect; is internationally friendly; and works with Internet Explorer 5+, Netscape 6+, Mozilla 1.5+, Safari 1, and Opera 7.

 Visit the Pro.Net Components Web site for a live demonstration and free trial.


Pro.Net Components

Price: See Web site for various licensing details.

Web Site:


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