Play Terrarium for a Chance to Win a Microsoft Xbox!

Play Terrarium for a Chance to Win a Microsoft Xbox!

Microsoft is sponsoring a contest March 4 through April 11 to raffle off 10 Xboxes to US residents who have submitted creatures. Play Terrarium head to head against some of the best developers around for your chance to win a Microsoft Xbox. (You must be a US resident and enter a valid e-mail address).



Terrarium is a peer-to-peer distributed computing game where developers design creatures and submit them to a virtual ecosystem. In its first week of release, more than 10,000 developers have downloaded Terrarium to design herbivores, carnivores, or plants, and then introduce them into a networked ecosystem where they compete for survival. Terrarium offers developers a competitive medium for testing their development and strategy skills, as well as experience developing with the Microsoft .NET Framework.


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