PASSOLO 6.0 Released

PASSOLO 6.0 Released

PASS Engineering announced PASSOLO 6.0. PASSOLO is a specialized software localization tool that can handle many software-specific file formats, including executable programs, resource files, and XML-based files. Using PASSOLO, text strings can be translated into numerous languages, including Asian languages (Unicode) and right-to-left scripts, like Hebrew and Arabic.

 PASSOLO optimizes the software localization process. Users require neither time-consuming and expensive training nor programming experience.

 PASSOLO contains several WYSIWYG editors to adapt the user interface of a software program. This includes editors for dialogs, menus, bitmaps, icons, and cursors. The user interface can be adapted without any danger of accidentally deleting or changing existing elements or structures.

 With its internal Translation Memory Technology, PASSOLO can re-use existing translations. The Fuzzy Matching Technology searches similar texts, as well as exact matches.

 A QA feature can check the spelling of the texts and enables automatic recognition of truncated or overlapping text and incorrect allocation of shortcuts, accelerators, and access keys.

 Enhancements to PASSOLO 6.0 include the following new features and optional add-ins: a simplified user interface, multi user support for projects and glossaries, cascadable parsers for localizing embedded resources, new filter and grouping capabilities, a secure editing environment for strings by protecting embedded tags for different parsers (HTML, .NET, Java), enhanced functions to collaborate with external project members, integration of user-specific applications, XML reporting with XSLT formatting, and more.

 The new PASSOLO Microsoft .NET Add-In supports Microsoft .NET Framework 1.x to 2.0, and offers an improved WYSIWYG through new SmartParse Technology, correct handling of all framework versions and Managed C++ applications, correct handling of complex controls with binary data, and localization of obfuscated programs.

 Also new to PASSOLO 6.0 are the PASSOLO HTML Parser, PASSOLO across Add-In, PASSOLO SDLX Add-In, and PASSOLO SRX Segmenter. Visit the PASSOLO Web site for complete details.


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