Passing non-English parameters to reporting services via URL access

Few weeks ago I faced a problem when I was using SQL Server Reporting Services to generate a report in which all parameters' values in Arabic.


The problem appeared when I used this report through URL access, and passed the parameters' values throug URL. I did a simple report to reproduce the problem. Let's say I have a report like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Report xmlns="" xmlns:rd="">
      <Textbox Name="textbox1">
    <Style />
    <ReportParameter Name="CustomerName">

When you call this report through URL access and pass the parameter CustomerName like this


You note that the report doesn't recognize the parameter value passed. The report considers it as empty string.


To avoid this I found in Service Pack 2 documentation that you need to add this parameter rs:ParameterLanguage=<culture> so in my case I should add rs:ParameterLanguage=ar-EG

I tried this but It didn't solve the problem. I tried another way and it solved my case, I URL encoded my parameters values before passing them to the report.

If you are using web application and you want to show a report. You can use Server.URLEncode("<parameter value>").

If you are using windows application, you need to reference System.Web.dll assembly and use HttpUtility.UrlEncode("<parameter value") (it's static/shared method).

I hope this help who may face the same probelm.

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