Parasoft Updates .NET Framework Testing Tool

Parasoft Updates .NET Framework Testing Tool

Parasoft announced .TEST 1.6, a unit testing tool that automatically tests classes written on the .NET Framework without requiring developers to write a test scenario or stub.

 This latest version of .TEST offers extended support for NUnit to help development teams prevent errors and accelerate time to market for their Web services and applications built on the .NET Framework. .TEST offers the flexibility to automatically generate scenarios that can be compiled and run in NUnit without manually setting up the NUnit test harness. .TEST can also automatically compile and run NUnit test cases in its own GUI.

 .TEST performs a range of coding standards analysis and unit testing on .NET Framework assemblies. From traditional to extreme programming, integrating .TEST into the development process automates a vital testing technique for any programming process, preventing software errors and ensuring that code is structurally sound, maintainable, and portable.

 .TEST 1.6 is available for Windows 2000/XP and fully integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio.NET.


Parasoft Corp.

Price: Starts at US$895

Web Site:


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