Parasoft Changes Name of Web Services Testing Tool

Parasoft Changes Name of Web Services Testing Tool

Parasoft announced a name change for their Web services testing product, from Parasoft SOAPtest to Parasoft SOA Test. The product has been extended to support the broad range of messaging and transport protocols being used to support Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). In addition to services implemented with SOAP and WSDL, SOA Test supports JMS, RMI, HTTP, TCP/IP, JDBC, and other messaging and transport protocols.

 SOA Test is an automated suite of test and analysis tools that provide organizations deploying Web services or SOAs with the means to ensure those deployments are secure, reliable, and compliant. SOA Test provides a breadth of functionality, including four-tier WSDL validation, unit and functional testing of the client, unit and functional testing of the server, security penetration testing, regression testing, performance testing, and the ability to graphically model and test complex scenarios. SOA Test addresses key issues surrounding SOA, such as interoperability, governance, security, compliance, change management, and scalability.

 SOA Test is a comprehensive tool for testing Service Oriented Architectures. SOA Test bridges the gap between development and QA by promoting a workflow that shares the same testing assets throughout the development environment. This workflow increases the speed at which services and processes are deployed and significantly reduces the re-work loop between development and QA. By utilizing SOA Test throughout the software development lifecycle, organizations will prevent software errors, improve quality and reliability, and accelerate the time to market for their SOA and ESB initiatives.


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